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  •  I am mostly self taught, I consider myself to be primarily an oil painter who is focused upon portraiture. I also illustrate, sketch, and dabble around in mixed media/collage. I am currently nearing the home stretch with my BFA, focus is 2D/Studio Arts
  •  You may email me at dewart@gmail.com
  •  I’m also on Twitter sometimes.  Follow Me on Twitter

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DEW at easel "Dove Love" in progress   


  • AD January 23, 2015


    Your artwork is fantastic, I’m very impressed! I wanted to take a look just to check it out, but when I saw it I was shocked. You have a gift! It’s… amazing!

    It was an honor to have you work for us & I wish you the best.
    Please keep in touch & take care.



  • Donna March 31, 2016

    Hey Adam!
    Thanks so much for the compliment. It was a pleasure working for you! It was a great learning experience. Shout out to Izzy, Kevin and the others in the office!

    Thanks again!


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